Using Typekit

So I can add new fonts if I use one of the 10 or so themes that they have integrated with one WordPress. My theme, “Simpla”, which I am loving, is not one of those themes, of course. I looked at the ones that I COULD use, because I love FONTS and the one I use is important because I need to like the way it looks on the screen – but alas – I do not like those themes like I like my “Simpla” (funny how you have to have something you didn’t know about 30 minutes ago).

From continued reading on the Typekit website, I think I can do this in a sort of manual way. They make sly reference to the idea I have to know HTML and CSS (don’t) – but it looks like just a lot of cutting and pasting to me, so let’s get it on!!! (This is going to get ugly, I know it).

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