Carpet Crawl

Okay, I found what I was looking for here. Before I got obsessed with “Blood on the Rooftops” I was switching around channels one night and there was a concert on VH1. It was Genesis, and I think it was 1976, and I am pretty sure this youtube video is of the same concert. The little title across the bottom came up “Carpet Crawl” the same way when I saw it on VH1. I watched it that night and I got a little choked up at how beautiful it was. Had to jump right on the internet and figure out how I never knew about this song. Of course I figured out it was from the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway album, one I totally skipped in my youth, and then I was hooked into the whole story of that album and what happened to the band.
So I started listening to “Carpet Crawlers” (the name changed somewhere) on a loop. The only other song I really liked on that album was “Back in NYC”. I got so obsessed with “Carpet Crawlers” that I seriously decided I needed to make a stop motion animation of it (I have no artistic talent and never did this before in my life. I can’t even play with Play-do correctly). I bought books on stop motion and researched it and went on all the websites to learn how. The difficulty of doing it, along with the fact they have no Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel puppets for sale on the internet, killed this dream for me. Bastards. I do still think about what could have been (maybe one day will be) when I hear this song.
Anyway, this to me redeems Phil a little from the video I posted below. It’s not a Phil with hair vs. Phil with no hair thing at all. It is a little bit of a 70’s vs. 80’s thing, though, I must admit. This crowd is not shorting pork-bellies, that’s the vibe I get here, and Phil is so into the song. He hits the right spots for me and the way he has his head tilted is neat. The song, and this video, grabs my heart and smooshes it. Awesome job.
EDIT: Sorry – this video won’t embed and you have to follow it to youtube.

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