Waiting for my Real Life to Begin

Colin Hay was at the Keswick Theater Saturday night and we went to see him. His opening act, Paul Dempsey, was really talented and did a nice set of music. We decided World Cafe Live is a better venue for Colin Hay, though. He’s more interactive that way and it’s more intimate. I mean, the Keswick is a nice enough place. It’s old, which I like, and it can be small and cozy – but it just seems like Colin Hay should be in a smaller room with people sitting down and having drinks and him talking to them (us) and playing his guitar. Not in what amounts to a movie theater-style situation. The back rows were all empty, which depressed me, because his voice is so great and he deserves for people to hear him. His website is not my favorite – but Paul Dempsey’s is actually pretty awesome – weird how that worked. Below is Peter’s own interpretation of a Colin Hay song from when he was with Men at Work, to which I am agreeable. You might recognize the tune.


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