Napier’s Bones

Napier’s Bones came in the mail on Saturday. I am really hyped to read this one. Sounds like one of the concepts you get immersed in and start seeing it everywhere. Cory Doctorow on boingboing wrote a review of it that made me immediately hit the button on Amazon. You should read what he wrote, but the basic plot is that there are numerates that roam the Earth, and numbers and math are like their magic. They shape these numbers floating around us and they use them as they go through life. They have to do things like hide the serial numbers on their money before they use it. That little detail about the money was really interesting to me and hooked me right away. So I’ll write a review as soon as I am done this one. I do an ADD thing with reading books, so I’ll be reading this one and the others I am in the middle of at the same time.

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