RE: Your Brains

“All we wanna do is eat your brains. We’re not unreasonable. I mean, no ones gonna eat your eyes…”

Was thinking about this awesome song because of this interesting podcast I listened to about how Jonathan Coulton made over $500,000 last year selling his songs only via the internet, word of mouth, and hustling. No label or anything. Then one of the commentators in the story said he was just music’s version of a Snuggie. The way she said it was just not cool. His rebuttal is here. I first read about this on Waxy’s links page.

2 thoughts on “RE: Your Brains

  1. I think his success just goes to show that people will still pay for music. On his web page where you can download his music, he has a spot where he says, “Already stole it?” – and you can click on a link to buy something else. There’s something about that attitude that I think can endear you to your fans and create loyalty where there could be hard feelings.

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