“Great Gig in the Sky” is still brilliant

Goosebumps every time I watch this about Dark Side of the Moon. I love studio stuff about great albums. I love “The Making of…” shows because there are so many easter eggs you don’t know about these albums and it uncovers a whole new love for them. Like when you have a child and they taste ice cream for the first time. They remind you why you love ice cream and sometimes they make you look at ice cream in a whole new way.
I had no idea what the woman’s name was who sang those amazing ethereal vocals. It’s Clare Torry, Alan Parsons had suggested her. She sued the band over credit for the song, which was a little sad for me to learn. I know its just business and all, but I don’t like that I know that now. Not on this song. I think the best quote was from Roger Waters:

I think she only did one take. And we all said, “Wow, that’s that done. Here’s your sixty quid.”

So cool when Alan Parsons adds the piano on the board in this video. Enjoy.

(Go to 6:53 for the stuff about “Great Gig in the Sky”)

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