“Creating our own butcher…”

I have become a huge fan of Joe Rogan’s Podcast. There’s always something interesting on there and Joe is actually a super-intelligent guy, despite the stoner reputation. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the conversation does sounds like stoner talk, but if you stick with it, there’s some cool things being said. Like this quote I am paraphrasing from frequent guest and comedian Duncan Trussel. They were discussing apocalyptic situations and how technology could be our undoing. When chatting about how the evolution of Artificial Intelligence could be humans creating something super-intelligent that could ultimately destroy us, he said (remember paraphrased):

Humans creating AI are almost like a herd of sheep creating their own butcher.

Stoner talk? Maybe. Super cool sentence there, I think so. Duncan has a cool imagination. They’ve talked about so many interesting things on there in recent weeks I am going to mention some of the stuff again, I am sure. For instance, Duncan was reading this book called The Harvard Psychedelic Club, which seems really interesting. I plan to pick it up. If you haven’t already checked out Joe Rogan’s podcast, you really should. He’s not just the “Fear Factor” TV Show guy. There’s a lot going on in Joe Rogan’s head.


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