Mushroom Clouds hold a key to removing radiation from the environment

9/5/2012 EDIT: So I messed up and I confused the ring of the mushroom with the word veil for some reason. Most likely because I was pretty drunk when I wrote this post below. So please, see the correction here and replace the word veil below with “ring” or “annulus”. Mis-identifying a mushroom because you have your terminology screwed up could be deadly. There are lots of deadly ones that look like edible ones – and I would hate for someone to accidentally read this and make a mistake somewhere. Thanks.

So I was thinking about this: Mushrooms have this part of them toward the top, called the veil ring. It’s this part:

This is an Amanita Muscaria. The thing is, mushroom clouds, from a nuclear disaster have a veil ring. Now I know they named them that because they look like mushrooms, but down to the veil ring!?! I mean, check it out:

What I’ve been thinking is, the cloud actually is pointing us to the solution. There have been studies about mushrooms absorbing toxins in the environment – particularly radiation. Paul Stamets is a genius, and he is talking about it all the time and even has plans on how to spread mushrooms all over the Earth to fix the environment. I just think it’s crazy that the clouds themselves are like street signs to the answer.