Sure enough, when I Retweeted Mott’s PandoDaily post, I was immediately inundated with @replies accusing me of being “anti-free market” and insisting that the only thing the government should do for technology companies is “get out of the way.” What was curious about those most loudly defending Kalanick — apart from the fact that they all were idiots — was that almost all of them directly or obliquely referenced the same author in their Twitter bio…

Ayn fucking Rand.

via pandodaily

Sometimes you read an article with a lot of stuff you don’t know anything about or are fuzzy on (i.e. the eCommerce Taxi company UBER and Ayn Rand) and it’s still gripping like a murder mystery because it’s so well written. I never realized how influential Ayn Rand was with Silicon Valley start up types. I never heard some of these quotes attributed to Rand, like what would happen if all the rich people went on strike. For some reason I skipped Ayn Rand in highschool. Fascinating and really well done article. Spoiler: Ayn Rand did it!