Nomad power-outlet-vampire recap

Our power was restored last night and I am really grateful to the crew of guys that came all the way up to Pennsylvania from Georgia and Mississippi to re-erect the telephone poles that were split in half. Some estimates had us not having power until Saturday, so it was awesome that they completed the work early and we could sleep with the heat on.
Finding a wifi connection and power outlet to work from this week was kind of fun, but mostly challenging. Barnes and Nobles near us had the weakest signal and I wouldn’t have been able to use an outlet if it wasn’t for bringing my own extension cord, which I shared with the other nomads. Plus I had to sit on the floor for a few hours until a chair opened up. The public library was awesome, although also a somewhat weak wifi signal. They had plenty of power outlets (4 to some tables) and plenty of room. Nice and warm in there and good atmosphere. Panera Bread was the strongest signal and they have outlets at most tables too, so that was the best situation for me – as long as you could find a spot. You really did feel like a vampire though, trying to suck the power out of the holes in the wall wherever you could. I would plug my extension cord into the outlet, then my laptop into that, my phone, my kid’s phones, Kindle – I had like a mini power plant situation. I learned that people are mostly all nice and that you really do have to be thankful for the little things.
Hope everyone else gets their lives and power back as soon as possible – and none of this is as important as the people who lost family members or homes. Our hearts and thoughts should be with them first, obviously.