127 Hours. Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Just kidding, everyone who saw it said to watch it, and they’re right. It was on a lot of top movie lists for 2011 as well. Just never felt the urge to watch it since I knew *SPOILER ALERT* that the main character was a real person that survived this ordeal */SPOILER ALERT*. So I stupidly thought since that drama didn’t exist, that it wouldn’t be very suspenseful, and therefore not a movie I should invest time watching. That was dumb.
I was looking for something on HBOGO to watch yesterday while I was running and this was a new release. I am 30 minutes in and 127 Hours is amazing. It is shot so beautifully. It’s gripping and suspenseful because it thrusts you right into that “What would I do?” mode. That’s fun when you’re able to do it voyeuristically. Can’t recommend it enough based on just the first 30 minutes that I’ve seen. Looking forward to watching the rest of it.