Mice trained to do very cool and cute things

via boingboing

Reminds me of the TED Talk by Joshua Klein who taught crows to pick up trash. This is the type of stuff I want to do when I retire. Wake up at 9 AM, feed my pet fox, plant stuff in the garden, and then train some mice to count me out change of a dollar for the vending machine.

A Day in the Life of Jack the Fox

via Hicockalorum

I think I might have to watch this video every morning to put things in perspective and as a reminder that life and nature are exceedingly beautiful. My favorite part (SPOILER ALERT!) is when he gives him that bath and dries him off so gently and lovingly. Close second is the end when he looks at the camera like, “That’s right motherf*cker, I have a FOX for a f*cking PET b*tch. How you like me?”