Parenting: Am I doing this right?

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Dogfish Head Sah’tea

I am not a beer expert by any stretch. I barely know what the lingo means and I hate darker stout beers, so I am very limited. I have to admit that I bought this beer because of the label – the label looks cool and it caught my eye. A+ on the label. I have been buying craft beers lately that come in wine bottle sizes with corks and stuff because they sell it in limited quantities, it seems cool to me, and it limits the amount I drink in one sitting. I finish the bottle, and I get two glasses of beer, and that’s all I want to drink. When I rethought my purchase of the Dogfish Head Sah-tea, and started imagining about how beer with black tea in it would taste, I figured I definitely made a mistake. That was my only mistake though – thinking I’d made a mistake. This is the best beer I have ever tasted. I am worried all the bottles will be gone before I go back to buy the rest of them. I love how it actually feels in your mouth (awkward sentence, I know), because it sort of has a little thickness to it (don’t be creepy), and there’s a taste of berries ever-so-slightly at the end when you drink it. I am a fan.
EDIT: Someone told me there is a review here, and it looks like it’s getting a B+.
(“Don’t be creepy” line stolen with love from Merlin)