Passion flowers oddly have very little passion to their look

Passion flower growing in our backyard. This was supposed to be for the caterpillars we ordered in the mail to eat on the way to becoming butterflies. It’s growing awesomely even though it’s still in the pot. Have to find a permanent spot for it to climb. The flower is so scientific looking. I think it’s what someone with Asperger’s syndrome would draw if they were asked to draw a flower.


Gulf Fritillary caterpillar visitor

We put up a temporary greenhouse, it’s like a tent basically, but tall enough to walk into. After it was up, we realized it’d be perfect to have butterflies flying around it. Wouldn’t that be cool? Like the Disney World butterfly garden. So we got online and ordered from Shady Oak Butterfly Farm in Florida:

> 1 Gulf Fritillary caterpillar
> 6 Gulf Fritillary butterfly eggs
> 1 Monarch Crysalis

Approximately $50 (!) after 2 day air to our house.

What do you do when you run out of food because you have too many caterpillars and they eat your plant to the bare stalk? Stay tuned and find out…