Toothy Tongue

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This sure looks like the South Pacific to me. Like maybe Moorea or Tahiti. I can imagine sailing up on this picture after being on the ocean for a few days from one of the nearby South Pacific islands and being glad I’d get to dock my little boat and get back on dry land. How cool would that be? For now I’m just going to rent a 14′ sailboat and practice on the lake 40 minutes from my house. Have to start somewhere.

Kbal Spean butterfly welcoming

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Ignacio Ayestaran in Cambodia:
After hiking two kilometers in the heat of the morning sun we arrived to the carvings of the lingas in Kbal Spean. Our hopes of refreshing under the waterfall were shatered as the riverbed lay dried but were instead treated to this beautifull site as hundreds of butterflies gathered around us.

There is actual magic in the world. Some people are finding it for us.