Super Mario 2

by the amazing campbell whyte, who is not only talented, but has an awesome name that sounds like he should be in a dungeons and dragons module


Zombie survival RPG? Um, yes please.

Project Zomboid is in playable alpha now. Count me in.

EDIT: I tried it out and it is VERY raw, so don’t go in expecting a finished game. I had some trouble figuring out some of the things you need to do, like to eat food you drag it over your heart. Little things like that. I definitely see promise though, and I would like to try it again. There’s an open-endedness to it which seems very cool. I read on the forums of all the different things people have tried out to see what would happen inside the game and there are some interesting results – you have a wife that’s ill, neighbors breaking in your house, and you have to worry about the power going out – so there’s a lot of room for improvising things. Seems like a creative little germ of a game they have going.