Yay, bigger font!

This site was great. Explained how to make font size bigger. It’s this line in the HTML edit part of the posting screen (switch from the Visual Tab to the HTML tab on the top right there):

<font size = “3” color = “black”> Text here </font>


Using Typekit

So I can add new fonts if I use one of the 10 or so themes that they have integrated with one WordPress. My theme, “Simpla”, which I am loving, is not one of those themes, of course. I looked at the ones that I COULD use, because I love FONTS and the one I use is important because I need to like the way it looks on the screen – but alas – I do not like those themes like I like my “Simpla” (funny how you have to have something you didn’t know about 30 minutes ago).

From continued reading on the Typekit website, I think I can do this in a sort of manual way. They make sly reference to the idea I have to know HTML and CSS (don’t) – but it looks like just a lot of cutting and pasting to me, so let’s get it on!!! (This is going to get ugly, I know it).


So first things first (hate this saying) – need to figure out how to change the FONT to something nicer to read in WordPress. Might as well make a to do list:

1. Fix this FONT.

2. Post some interesting things.

3. Get a cool graphic for the top right of the page.

4. Possible learn to do this myself in TYPEFACE or in Drupal (the whole blog creation – CSS thing. I guess these might be separate).

5. I think it’s important to just start writing though, like Merlin Mann says. I am finding he is right, where I have wanted to just research everything and do all this myself and start looking for images to make the front page look cool before I even, you know, actually write anything. Because really, the writing is the hard part.

6. I really really hate and don’t understand why people post a comment with FIRST!. I get it, but I mean, that’s like the lowest form of celebrity or acknowledgment ever conceived. I mean, if being standing up behind the guy on the Fan-a-Vision at baseball game and waving is a 2 – then the FIRST! guy is like what negative number…

It’ll get better. We hope.