Encyclopedia of Life


These are notes from my life that I want to be able to look back on and use them to help me and others make decisions about things. I have been looking for some kind of content management system that I could have on my PC locally, in case any of these things are personal, but I haven’t 220px-encycbrit1913-the-sum-of-all-human-knowledgefound something I like yet and I keep procrastinating starting the notes, so I am just going to start here and see how it goes. The idea is I want them to be able to link from one to another when one note contains something I have another note on, but I don’t want to make separate pages for each note – so I am not sure what I am going to do going forward. I think for now I will put them in some kind of bracket so that if needed I can go back and copy and paste and sort this. These things are in chronological order right now, as I will write them as they come.

{SHOES} 01.26.2017 * I have always bought shoes either from Zappos or from like one of those local warehouse places. I usually wait until I have holes in the soles of mine and my socks getting wet annoys me. I usually pay about $40-$50 and I really don’t care much about shoes. I accidentally looked for a new pair while in Walmart, which I would never have thought to do, and there was a $20 pair of hiking shoes and they are awesome and my feet are dry. I bet they don’t last any less time than the ones I usually buy. Look in Walmart for shoes and save some money. Maybe not sneakers, but definitely those kind of work or hiking boots. They had work boots for cheap too.
{Honda Odyssey 2004 Head Light Replacement} 01.30.2017 * Driver’s side headlight was out. The owners manual does a good job explaining the replacement – you don’t even need tools! One thing I suggest for next time is a small mirror, I got one out of the bathroom for a certain part. So you take off a cover that I think it says is to the air vent. The screws holding it are the plastic pop out – pop in kind. So no screwdriver. You pop it off. Then you like just pull off the rubber gasket around it with your hands. Then pulls off the plug attached to the lightbulb. The lightbulb is being held in by a metal bar that needs to be pop released and then moved to the side. This is what I needed the mirror for. It’s hard to see what you need to do because it’s cramped in there. Holding up the mirror, you could see easily, where you need to lift and move it. Don’t forget to hold the bulb by the metal prongs. When I took the old one out I carefully left it facing the way it went in and put in on the ground on the metal “wings” just the way it went in – so I could do the same with the new one. If you touch the bulb with your fingers and leave grease they pop, so again, gloves or hold the metal prongs and replace everything backwards. Dang it – should have wrote down the part #, but it was easy to find in the auto parts store – I actually searched for it on Amazon and matched it in the store (price was close to the same).
{iPhone Notes Synching to Google} 02.17.2017 * Here is the link explaining how this works. So if you have your iPhone set up this way, I never realized it, but it is putting all your NOTES from the iPhone under a Section on the right-hand side in Google (you might need to hit MORE to see all the other things besides INBOX, etc.). You will see one called NOTES and all your notes are in there as individual lines – like emails almost I think. I had no idea I had even set my wife’s iPhone up to do this and there they were under her GMAIL account.
{Bonsai Growing – Trunk Thickness} 02.21.2017 * I keep re-looking up how to do this, so I am putting it here. This link explains how to get a thick Bonsai Tree trunk. I need to pot tumblr_oj6rp6tr1i1rzgz6jo1_540-pomegranite-bonsai-from-longwood-gardensthe plant I have into a much bigger pot than it needs and just let it grow for a few years, then once the trunk is the size I want I can trim everything and go from there. Full explanation copied from website:
Bonsai plants often look older than they are when they have a thick and gnarly trunk. The only way for a trunk to grow thicker is to let the tree grow freely in a large container, without pruning it for several years. Once you are satisfied with the thickness of the trunk you can train it again and place it in a smaller pot.
One technique to thicken a trunk is to grow “sacrifice branches” from the trunk. These branches are not pruned at all for two to three years, thickening the trunk as they grow quickly. After the two to three years the branches are removed.
{Turn Table – Record Player – Humming sound connected to PC} 02.21.2017 * Record player is hooked up to the Laptop PC. You are getting a humming noise in the headphones when they are connected to the little ION turntable Amp thing you bought. This suggestion about general record player humming fixed it!:
Play around with the positioning of your turntable – as far away as possible from the rest of your equipment is ideal. This may require a less aesthetically pleasing positioning of your turntable, but can often fix the annoying turntable hum problem.


I moved the record player over to a chair as far away from the table with the laptop as the cords would allow and…no more hum :-) It’s Black Sabbath’s Greatest Hits if you were wondering.
images{Beer – Lancaster Milk Stout} 02.28.2017 * You love this beer. It’s an 89 out of 100. It’s a great stout that has some bubbles to it and just tastes really light (for a stout) and awesome. Not too expensive – $10 for a 6 pack.